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July 12, 2013



LOL, you reminded me of something. When I was in high school or maybe freshman year in college, I took a meat coat and died it purple to match my Chuck Taylors. The meat coats are knee length and have fake pockets on the sides. I wore it to the theater and my hand through the pocket slit holding a 6 pack of bottles under the coat. Things worked great until my buddy knocked over his bottle in the theater and it rolled all the way to the front on a concrete floor, quite loudly.

Mrs. L

Chris - I've been in an old theater where the floors were basically smooth angled to the front...and heard a beer bottle roll from top to bottom! (I even remember the movie, we were at a showing of Rear Window). People didn't start laughing until the bottle got to the bottom and then everyone just cracked up. You are right...that is a very loud sound!

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