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September 16, 2012



Thanks for sharing this.


I hope your mother is getting better. Glad that you and your mother are cooking together! :) I ADORE lumpia! It's been so long, I don't recall what my mother put in her lumpia, aside from bean sprouts and pork.


Our neighbors in Florida were two related Filipino families and we LOVED when they had us over for their family parties (their kids and ours were best friends). The lumpia were always my absolute favorite thing. Bookmarking this to make with some finely minced pulled pork and ground beef.


I LOVE LUMPIA! I haven't had it since I lived overseas and a Philipino friend made it for all of our potlucks. Thanks for this recipe!

Crispy Fish Rolls (Crispy Fish Lumpia)

wow lumpia... i missed that too...

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