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August 27, 2012



Oh, I seriously gotta try this one just based on that picture alone!! Keeping in mind that it doesn't re-heat well and I should make it for a group... thanks for always including useful tidbits like that :)


Haha - some of the more descriptive foods like toad in a hole have always been a headscratcher. When I make it for my parents, I'll be cognizant of its presentation. It looks good, but that grease is scaring me. :)


I make Yorkshire pudding every Christmas with my Rib roast!!! And it is best with the meat drippings from the roast, yummmmm!!!!! It really is easy, put all the ingredients in a blender, mix them up, pour them in a hot pan with drippings and bake! It will fall, but it is supposed too.

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What Annie came to know, is that in a group dynamic of the old therapy ways, where you all sit around and 'share' your story, the story wasn't being told. But, put them in a room doing art, without rules, just giving them the supplies and a few words, incredible things would show up. The body and unconsciousness would be doing the art!

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