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July 03, 2012



These M&M recipes would be great for high school/college graduation parties!


Oreos have a very short shelf life at our house so I am not familiar with that "leftover Oreo" term either.


Thank you for posting this!! I have made both the Halloween and Peppermint barks this past year and need to make these tonight! Where did you find the Patriotic M&Ms?

Mrs. L

Patrice - I was actually thinking I need to track down some teal, black and white M&M's to make San Jose Shark versions!

Chris - Ha! But I found another recipe that only uses a few Oreos so I CAN'T eat the leftover ones...at least that's what I keep telling myself.

Sherri - I found the red white and blue M&M's at our local CVS pharmacy drug store. They were NOT easy to find! I bought the last two bags they had!

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