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July 27, 2012



Mmm, Brazilian Food. Feijoada is yummy.

Are you going to hire sexy Brazilian boys to come and slice grilled meats for you?


The first thought that came to me was "bangers and mash", depending on the sausage that might be decent and not too bland.

Your question about the authenticity of the recipes reminded me of last night. When we were choosing a restaurant for dinner, I told Alexis that I was having a hard time choosing between Americanized Japanese, Americanized Mexican, or Americanized Thai.


British Kit Kats?!


We bought a can of spotted dick at World Market some months back. It was good. You could do worse than creating dishes from Jamie Oliver's cookbooks (I love his passion for cooking) or tikka masala. Look forward to your write-ups and Mom's comments making me envious. :)

Mrs. L

makfan - I think I may have to visit every single Brazilian food place in the area...to check out the food of course, it would have nothing to do with the waiters (and if you believe that...)

Chris - Bangers and Mash was too easy. I have that all the time :)

Patrice - Yes, the Brits have many different versions of KitKats but I was unable to find them at the Cost Plus. I think we have a candy store around here that sells all the different countries versions but I just didn't have time to check them out.

Cassaendra - Spotted Dick is on the menu this week!


Do you have any of Jamie Oliver's books?

Gina Menesis

Kitkat is one of my favorite chocolate of all time.

Mr. Lynn

fish and chips, prime rib & yorkshire pudding!

Rachel (teacher-chef)

What a fun tradition - I think I will have to start this in 2014 with Russia!!

Mrs. L

Andrea - Actually I have several of Jamie Olivers books, but he tends to have a spin on the dishes where I wasn't sure they were authentically British. He actually has a new cookbook out which is all about British cooking but it's not available in the states yet.

Gina - We really enjoyed the British Kit Kats. I may have to pick up a few more. For research of course...er, for any future London Olympics, yeah, that's the ticket.

Mr. Lynn - Well, we missed out on the fish and chips but I promise to make fish fingers soon!

Rachel - I think it's a great tradition and a great teaching tool for the food culture of other nations.

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