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July 16, 2012



This was out of this world. Leftovers were great. I added extra butter every time I reheated it. This was a great 4th of July dish.


*drool* + extra butter *drool drool* This looks great.


That is just brilliant, I love this. I wouldn't even want to have anything else with it because that would just take up space! I would even eat this the next morning for breakfast.

Mrs. L

Mom - Glad you liked it!

Cassaendra - Other than bacon, butter does make everything better :)

Chris - Oh Chris, just take some leftover Baked Mashed Potatoes, fry it in a pan and you have the most wonderful fried potato patty!

Pot Sets

Sounds yummy with all the loaded toppings for a baked potato. Preparing it ahead of time and popping it in the oven just 30" before dinner will make the perfect side dish for dinner guests.


Tried this recipe today. DELICIOUS! Added extra butter at the beginning since you said it was a little dry. So good!! Thanks for sharing this recipe! :)

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