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June 08, 2012



See, that's why I want to try farro. I tried quinoa several times since it has so many redeeming qualities but we just didn't like it. I'm hoping farro will be better for us.


Hi Mrs. L~ I've never cooked with farro before. This sounds great and, as always, REALLY appreciate your notes. I'll check farro out the next time we're digging through the bulk bins at WF. Thanks for bringing up Foodzie. What a great concept!! Part of their premise of exploring new foods is the reason I joined my CSA.

Ben @Focus:Snap:Eat

I love farro!! This is another interesting recipe to try. Thing with farro, I've found, is that it's simple to make and not at all intimidating. (Although, I've found most packaged farro I get says to cook for about 20-25 minutes, and always seems to turn out fine. Wondering now if I've been eating it too crunchy!LOL. I'll try cooking it longer to see if it's that different.) I definitely go for farro more than quinoa.

Mrs. L

Chris - I don't mind quinoa, but I do prefer the nutty quality that farro seems to have.

Cassaendra - I'm like a kid in a candy store at any new grocery store or market...looking for items to try out...which is why I hope the new folks at Foodzie don't change it to much.

Chef Ben - I'll have to experiment in shorter cooking times for farro...it would make it much more friendly for an after work meal!

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