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June 24, 2012



This was sooo goood. Really rich and almost too sweet for me. Of course being a diabetic and not eating sweets is probably why. But I would eat it a gain. In fact I did. I had two servings that Mrs. L. brought me. By the way I want my box of Nilla Wafers.


Ooo, that sounds great! Glad everyone was able to enjoy it, Mom included! The rum idea sounds very cool -- almost like tiramisu.


You just made my boys very happy because I am going to make this for them this weekend. They are some nanner puddin' loving dudes.

Mrs. L

Mom - Your box of Nilla Wafers is there :)

Cassaendra - It really was tasty and did bring back memories of my childhood...but the rum makes it so adult LOL

Chris - If they are nanner pudding loving dudes, do they know about Banana Pudding Poke Cake? On my list to try!


My mom makes this every Easter. I am going to suggest your rum idea :)

Mrs. L

Patrice - I have a feeling I won't be making this without rum LOL!

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