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May 10, 2012



Friggin' awesome! We did something similar but the apples were sliced into rings, sprinkled layers with cinnamon sugar, and put back together. Then we wrapped it all in a pie shell before baking. good stuff!

Mrs. L

Chris - They really did look pretty cool being served. I love the idea of slicing them into rings and wrapping in dough...I'll have to go check out a recipe!


Oh this was so good. I wanted more when I was done eating.

Carolyn Jung

I LOVE this! So clever. I once made creme brulee in hollowed-out apples (an LA Times recipe). They were fabulous. But boy, it took me like half an hour to hollow out 12 apples for that Thanksgiving dessert. ;)


They look delicious! I have been wanting to make these...maybe when the hubs comes home :)

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