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April 25, 2012



Sounds very good. No issues with the cream breaking, or did you put some of the warm wine into the cream first?


That looks good. If you do again make extra for me to try.


I have so many pins that it is almost overwhelming to even start cooking through them.

Mrs. L

makfan - I didn't have any trouble with the cream breaking and I didn't do anything special. Maybe I was just really lucky?

Mom - We will probably have this again soon so I'll make extra next time.

Chris - I forced myself to choose a recipe from each food board I had! Made it kind of fun and certainly got a variety of dishes to try.


This looks delicious. I am always a sucker for shrimp pasta. I too also have the same problem with angel hair, I always make too much and end up with way more pasta then sauce. I tend to have better luck with linguine but the thinner angel hair makes for a lighter dish. I'll have to give this one a try.

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