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March 09, 2012



I have a recipe like this, where the coating is largely grated parmesan, with a small amount of bread crumbs. It's fantastic.

Mrs. L

Makfan - I so wanted to add some grated parmesan but that would have put me over calorie wise. I can do it next time if I get rid of the skin.


Your Grandma W gave me a similar recipe that I used for years. It was made with boneless chicken breast (no skin), Rice Krispies and Wesson oil. It is funny as I was thinking of telling you about this and here it is on your blog, just a different version. You loved it when you were young and I made this a lot.


That does remind me of what we used to call "picnic chicken" when I was a kid.


This is a perfect dish for Dylan to make for us. Yum!

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