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February 26, 2012



You could have done a double movie reference by doing the Chocolate Surprise Pie (The Help, as you said) with the surprise being a Baby Ruth candy bar (Caddy Shack pool scene)


That would be nifty if I wasn't such a homebody on Sundays. I'm cheering for "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." From the movie, coffee and maybe donuts (I remember a sack was brought to her apt). Oh, I guess there was wine and dinner. Swedish food in general - gravlax and meatballs are the immediate dishes that come to mind. Now I'm excited for March to come, when I get that movie on bluray. :) If you haven't seen "Tin Tin," you may like it. It was quite enjoyable. I suppose with that, I would get tinned food -- corned beef, perhaps, with cabbage to lump the upcoming St Patrick's Day holiday.

Mrs. L

Chris - Great idea, alas I didn't have much time to work on Oscar foods this year.

Cassaendra - Great ideas too! Both those movies were ones we wanted to see but we really had a tough time getting to movies after about August of last year. Hopefully we can start making up for it and seeing more movies this year.

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