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January 06, 2012



That sounds delicious! Argh, that is so unnerving when a basic component that was supposed to be quick and easy doesn't go as planned, when you have to worry about everything else.

I'm not sure what you have are glass noodles, which are made from potato or mung bean starch. A Korean dish, Jap chae, could work with the noodles, if you have any leftovers: http://steamykitchen.com/180-korean-glass-noodles-jap-chae.html
From my experience, it could be differences in companies, the mung bean noodles are thinner, have a more slippery and fragile texture; whereas the potato noodles have a sturdier, thicker, more substantial texture. I'm not an expert at all in glass noodles, however.
I make a local Hawaiian dish called chicken long rice with the mung bean noodles that are skinny and wiry, used more as a side dish. Popeye's chicken leftovers are awesome with this because it's spicier and, well, it's got the fried chicken crumblies to flavor the dish. (http://onokinegrindz.typepad.com/ono_kine_grindz/2005/10/chicken_long_ri.html) I use soy sauce in my dish. :P


That looks great, even if you have to boil the stubborn noodles, ha ha. I've done a few Yan recipes and they have all been great, so I'm not surprised this one was so good.


Yum, that sauce sounds great and I bet those big noodles absorbed it nicely! I love pancit but have only had the palabat version from red ribbon bakery :).

Mrs. L

Cassaendra - These didn't seem to be glass noodles, though they do look similar. Ohh, thanks for the links to the recipes, I'll have to try them.

Chris - Everything I've made out of the Quick and Easy cookbook by Yan has been pretty good. Great flavors for things that are simple to make.

Foodhoe - The Pansit I make is based on my Grandmas recipe that she used to make in the Philipines. I'll have to get it on the blog soon.


This looks gorgeous! Rice noodles are something that I like in my mind, order at least annually in a restaurant and cook with on occasion, but try as I may, the texture just doesn't work for this white bread girl.

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