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July 22, 2011



Awesome! I had something very similar to this in Gtown, Grand Cayman... awesome stuff and one of the few "spicy" things I have ever liked, since normally I go for pretty bland things. Total wimp taste buds. But I'm going to try this one on my grandparents, it has been fun to actually HAVE people to cook for!! :)


Oh and btw- am I to understand we are OVER strawberry month now?? LOL... I'll be waiting for "Martini Mixer a day" month ;)

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You kow i think i'm going to try this next week.... the last time I had jerk chicken it was nothing like this sounds... but then im not sure england is the best place to go for it :o)

I'll post back and let you know what i think :)



Sounds good - it is really different from the jerk chicken I have had. Then again, I have never gone to Jamaica. The ones I have had were as you described it, dry rub and grilled.


I am a total fan of the slow cooker in the summer. You get a hot dinner without heating up the kitchen!! These flavors sound wonderful!


I have never tried making a "jerk" dish, as I thought it would involve a lot of ingredients I don't have. I actually have all these things on hand - even candied ginger. So I must give this a try. I am a huge crockpot fan. If I had to choose one electric appliance to have in my kitchen, this would be it.


You said something that made me ponder. With grills, you have to check the calibration of the thermometer (freezing water and boiling water to make sure 32f and 212f depending on altitude). I've checked mine 3 times this summer already.

If someone's slow cooker goes bad and it's cooking hotter or faster than it should, how would you ever know? I mean, things break, right? Someone should come up with a testing standard like "after 1 hour on low, 1 qt of water should register xx degrees and after 1 hour on high......" Or maybe they already have.

Maybe it was dry because the boneless tenders won't take as long to cook as a cut up bone in chicken?

Either way, it sounds good and I like that this jerk recipe is far less complicated than most.

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Looks so delicious

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Wow, the protein in this jerk chicken must be insane :-)

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