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July 11, 2011



Haven't had a Slurpee in a long time. I liked the red one, as well as cola...that cola burn in my nose like it was straight soda.

Husband is anxiously awaiting Cowboys and Aliens. We're probably going to see it the weekend it comes out. You?

Mrs. L

Around here to see a movie the day it comes out means finding parking and waiting in long lines. We usually give a movie at least a weekends wait before we see it, but it's something we want to see sooner rather than later. Still need to see Green Lantern and Harry Potter!


We don't have 7-11s around here either, sadly.


When I was a teen I worked at 7-11's and could drink all the free Slurpies I wanted. My favorite was also the cola. I live in AZ now and we seem to have CircleK's instead. They look exactly like 7-11 but no Slurpees. Alas...

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We don't have 7-11s around here either, sadly.

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We don't have 7-11s around here either, sadly.-_-

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