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May 11, 2011



Our local Denny's still serves a great breakfast, but forget anything else on the menu. I'm so glad you stopped by my place. It helped me find yours and I'll be back. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Associate Girl

I've heard there is bacon jam out there. I want that.


We used to love Denny's years ago but over the past couple of years they have gone way downhill! Just not the same at all.


With regard to shiny meat - I love fried Spam! I didn't expect that pic above to be meatloaf. It looks like one of those breakfast sausage patties (that I don't eat). It's kinda creepy how...smooth...they are. It takes a lot for a bacon fanatic to say WTF? If you're ever in the neighborhood, I'll take you to B Spot. While the bacon is blended into the shake, their bacon apple pie vanilla milkshake is delicious!

I have a feeling that both items taste good as prototypes, but something happens down the chain when it hits the kitchen conveyor belt and/or employees who do not care.


I am so glad that I stuck by my usual Grand Slam. The taste you gave me did not go well. And I am a bacon lover as you well know. I helped eat your ice cream but I went for the ice cream, no bacon.

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