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April 08, 2011



5 Guys and Famous Dave's sharing the same parking lot?!?! My head would explode driving into the lot.

Love the bags, paper, and bib. There is no way I could imagine eating all that and have to be prim and proper! I probably would have ditched utensils in the end and scooped the sauce-soaked rice with my fingers, purring "om nom nom nom" under my breath with each bite.


Oh that looks amazing! My kind of place. We have only been home for less than 2 weeks and I miss the seafood already.

Livin Local

Fun meals like that are so, well, fun!

Mrs. L

Cassaendra - Yeah, the parking lot is crazy at dinner time. And my mom was cracking up about you eating the rice with her fingers!

Jan - I'm a big lover of seafood especially shrimp. Partially why I love this place so much.

Livin Local - You'll have to come visit and we can go get us a bag o shrimp!


Oh the boiling crab! LOVE it! Sucking up that sauce and licking my fingers is the BEST, drives the Mister crazy! :D

Mr. L

Had the fried oysters on the 2nd visit and they rocked. Service was worse, seemed like they were short staffed and again no blue crab. Shrimp was as good as previous. Price is good. Plus you can get em to go :-)

Larissa Dobbin

Aw, I suddenly missed eating shrimps. =( I became allergic to it last year. I don't know why 'coz I haven't seen a doctor since then. Anyway, you made a good review! Those who read this will have a craving for seafood, just like me. Hehe.

john olson

Had the shrimp,sausages,corn again last night FANTASTIC!!!!!!

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