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April 05, 2011



Yum, looks really good.


Wonderful side dish...and I just happen to have a pack of orzo in the cabinet. ;)


I don't know what it is about orzo. I mean, it is just another pasta like lasagne, spaghetti, ziti, ...right? But they have such a happy sound when mixing in a salad and have a wonderfully defined texture in soups. Then again, I do have a preference for linguine and capelli d'angelo over spaghetti, pappardelle over fettucine, and so on. We are definitely going to try out the orzo recipes you have! Thank you!


I just started using orzo this year and we love it. It's my favorite pasta for side dishes.

Mrs. L

Jan - Simple, easy and tastes good...my kinda recipe.

Briarrose - I think I have three or four packages, I seem to keep buying them without thinking.

Cassaendra - I didn't realize how much I liked orzo until I posted this recipe and went back and saw my many posts. And I know I have a couple others bookmarked to make!

Chris - This might be the year of the orzo if I make all the ones that are bookmarked :)

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