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March 11, 2011



Holy crap, you are right. That sounds like a buttload of liquid. The idea is solid but I think your proposed adjustments will be better!


This was out of this world. By the time I got some it was not a lot of liquid. Maybe add some chopped jalepeno for more of a bite. But you could take it up a notch. Now who said that.


I love cheesy casseroley dishes! Maybe it needs one of those lawry taco seasoning packets :)


This looks and sounds really good! And Mr. L is funny. :)

Chris Lemon

I think I can tell you why you found this to be bland.

I used to get both _Taste Of Home_ and _Quick Cooking_. They're based out of Wisconsin, and are VERY Midwestern in tone and theme. As such, they do meat-and-potatoes and German-ish stuff very well, and usually fall pretty flat with anything either a) Asian or b) spicy.

My rule of thumb was: anytime a recipe called for a spice that was common in Mexican or Italian cuisine (say, chile powder, cumin, oregano, garlic, etc.), double it. Worked pretty well for the most part. If it didn't look like it was enough when you first looked at the recipe, it usually wasn't. :)

Mrs. L

Chris - Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to remember that because yeah, most Taste of Home recipes aren't spicy enough for me!

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