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March 25, 2011



Woah, that's hardcore!

As for online recipes, I copy-paste the recipes and the link, then email them to myself. My Recipe email folder is categorized by regions with desserts and drinks in their own folder.

I agree that that recipes are one of a very short list of things one doesn't need to feel compelled to throw out if they haven't been used in a year.


My mother collected recipes, and I started collecting over 50 years ago. So Mrs. L gets it from family. Several years ago I had to move and rent a room instead of an apartment. I half filled the trash bin with my magazines I had been saving for recipes. I cried and I am sure if Mrs. L had to get rid of hers so would she.

Barbara Bakes

I started with magazine recipes, then I printed online recipes for a while, now I just bookmark. So now I have to look three places to find a recipe I remember. lol So glad to hear you're having fun using your magazines!

Associate Girl

I miss Gourmet. It was really THE cooking magazine. I quite like Cooks Illustrated though. Its a good read as well as a recipe mag.

Livin Local

Love your line that you've never met a recipe you wouldn't collect ....

Mrs. L

Cassaendra - I actually have an Excel spreadsheet (divided into sheets like "meat", "desserts" etc) where I keep all the recipes from blogs I want to try. Well, I have three excel spreadsheets...starting in 2009 I do one for every year, yes I have that many bookmarked!

Mom - I did cry when I had to toss those recipes!

Barbara Bakes - I used to print out tons of blogger recipes before realizing it was just too much.

Associate Girl - I probably have at least 20 or so years of Gourmet in storage. I know I can buy a CD with all of the issues on it, but it's just not the same as having a magazine to hold.

Livin local - Well, with all the cookbooks, magazines and excelled blog recipes...I honestly don't pass them up :)

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