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March 23, 2011



Oh my, who cares about calories with something like this. I more than likely would have eaten the whole pan. It was so good not out of the oven I can imagine it hot. Make it again please and give me 2 slices next time.

Mr. L

Enjoying it every day this week! :-)

Associate Girl

I really like the Food Network mag. And my husband loves all things Paula Deen. I'm going to make this for him this weekend - thanks for the inspiration AGAIN!

Mrs. L

Mom - I know, calories be damned! You know I'll be making this again soon.

Mr. L - Unfortunately the scale is showing how much of this we are eating :(

Associate Girl - I'm actually liking the Food Network mag more than I thought I would. And pretty much any dessert from Paula Deen works in this house. Hope you enjoy!


Wow...just wow....I know it's wrong to drool over a picture...but I did! ;) This is in pile to try out soon.


That looks... evil.

Chris Lemon

I'll be in my bunk. :)

Do you think they would be easier to cut if you do the Alton Brown trick where you make a sling out of parchment paper before you pour the batter into the pan?

Livin Local

Oh. My. Gosh. You just made life so much better!

Associate Girl

Just made this for my husband - he loved it (what's not to love)


just found your blog and I'm so excited bc these look absolutely amazing!!!
happy baking!
xo, Mini Baker


very few desserts are as easy and delicious as gooey butter cake, and you've really amped it up here--god bless ya, mrs l!

Mrs. L

Chris Lemon - They aren't hard to get out of the pan, it's just that they are "gooey" and therefor when you go to cut them in squares, the gooey parts get all over your knife (even with dipping it in hot water first). Personally that's not a problem if you scrap the gunk on the knife onto a plate and then eat said gooey stuff because none of this can go to waste!

Associate Girl - So glad your husband like it! Mine keep eating it until I took the remainder to work.

Christa - Glad you enjoyed!

Grace - I agree, never met a gooey butter cake I didn't like!

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