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February 12, 2011



It took us 4 weeks to get our two chinchillas acclimated to each other. There was a lot of hair pulling, nipping, and barking during the trials.

But I'm sure they got along better with each other than they would have with your cats, lol.

"Ooooh Tiggher, look! Gourmet mouses!"

Associate Girl

Oh I am so glad! I have never had two cats that were friends. When I had two they didn't hate each other, but they pretended like they didn't even notice the other.

Mrs. L

Chris - We laugh because even though Tiggher is the bigger, older cat, she gets surprised by Pumpkin all the time. We should rename Tiggher "big fluffy tail".

Associate Girl - We were really worried about the two, but, I even had both of them sleeping next to me inches from each other last night so, fingers crossed this continues!

Liz C.

I've been afraid of getting a new kitten for the longest time because of our cat Trouble, who is 17 yrs old. She's a black & white tuxedo, which can often be meaner than the devil. Then, sometimes I think she's mean because all the other animals are gone & she's alone.

Anyway, it's great that you got the perfect *addition* to the family. She's adorable!

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