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January 31, 2011



I'm so excited you got her. I was in love with her when you posted her on FB. So cute!!!

Associate Girl

Oh those are the biggest best eyes! I am interested to hear how it goes when the two cats meet. I hope well. More pics!


Well- we knew right off the bat that Rene, Greg, Tiggher and Lil Pump (as we called her) would hit it off. And yes. We have a few elderFurKids that need our attention - otherwise it would have been a no brainer to keep them. And they weren't leaving until they were placed in truly furever homes.

Happy to say that TG and Pumpkin couldn't be in better homes. Both have furKids to bond with and both have loving parents to guide them along through their lives. We couldn't be happier!


What a sweet girl! Ah, there will be some territory disputes, but I am sure she and Tiggher will eventually be curled up and purring together while they sleep, LOL! =)

Greg Lynn

They are sisters in fur now, we freed Pumpkin from her safe room permanently last night and all is well!

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