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January 14, 2011



These were so good. You can make these for me anytime. I like that they were sooo chewy. Make me more please.


These sound really similar to the ginger cookies I made for the cookie crop this year. I have had to make them several more times as they were too good not to share. I love ginger cookies, but as with you not the crunchy gingersnaps they sell in boxes. I found that if I oiled up my hands I could work with the dough with out too much stickiness. I also rolled up all the balls at once and then rolled them in the sugar. I rerolled each batch before I put them in the oven. The more sugar on the outside the more "crinkly" they became.

Mrs. L

Jane - Thanks for the tips. Though even the photo of the cookies in the book don't show the "crinkled" look on the top. No matter. They tasted wonderful!


OMG these are awesome... my grandmother used to make these and when they came out all warm and chewy, I thought I was in heaven. *sigh* I miss her kitchen, LOL... I have a bunch of her recipes, but I just cannot get them to come out the same way ;)

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