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November 30, 2010


Chef Barbie

or you could just buy the pomegrante seeds that have already been seeded.

Mrs. L

Chef Barbie - I tried. But BOTH the stores I went to were out of the pomegranate seeds so I was left with having to buy whole poms.

Mrs. L

Of course now I'm reading that Bobby Flay doesn't like this method because it dilutes the taste of the pomegranate seeds.

Bobby Flay probably also has money to buy new clothes, aprons and countertops when the juice stains everything. But I can see where using his method works when you want some of the pomegranate juice. But if you are just using for garnish or to add texture, I still say go with the water immersion method.

C from Helsinki

thanks for the inspiration...i tried this but skipped the pepper and shallots.

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