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August 12, 2010


David, Wild Planet Foods

This looks wonderful! If you're looking for a canned tuna, Wild Planet's Albacore Tuna is sustainable,and has lower mercury & higher Omega 3s compared to national brands. Also, no draining, it is packed in natural juices! I look forward to reading future blog posts:)


I enjoyed reading this post and the previous one about the gadget. I've got a few things like that too, but I don't think any 20 years old.


YUM! I might make this for lunch!


Excellent. I actually make these in a "pita" format... though it never occurred to me to add pickles, I will have to dice some dill chips next time :)

Chef Barbie

i love me a good tuna melt!

Mrs. L

David - I'll check it out.

Chris - Oh man, I still have a Salad Shooter that's there somewhere, never used.

Ann - I've actually been craving tuna melt for lunch a lot these days.

Arch - Tuna salad is NOTHING without dill pickles.

Chef Barbie - Come for dinner, I'll make some!

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