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August 31, 2010



This cake was fantastic. I think a think icing (maybe flavored with the whiskey) would have been great. I love icing on everything.

Mrs. L

Mom - LOL, icing is my favorite part of cakes!

Livin Local

"Use up whisky" you're so funny! Will certainly try this as a late b-day cake for Matt!

Associate Girl

Oh hot peanut butter and banana sandwich - I cant wait to hear about that one.


Have you heard of that cute store "Nothing 'Bundt' Cakes"? A co-worker just brought in mini-bundts for her birthday for us to share. Delicious!


This is so my kind of cake. I'd have this over anything with frosting or cream any day of the week.

Mrs. L

Livin Local - This is a great simple cake to surprise someone on their birthday

Associate Girl - It certainly caught my eye.

Lara - No, haven't heard of it, I'll have to go check it out.

Giz - Very moist cake too.

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