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July 15, 2010



Please, please make t his cake again. You and I love Reese's. I have been known to buy a candy bar and smear peanut butter on it. This cake was sooo fine.




Chocolate and p-nut butter :)


this is pretty much the definition of decadence, right? especially considering all the mini cups that'd be sacrificed during the process. :)


Woah...I'd be too tempted to pick the chunks off the cake like picking mushrooms off a pizza. :o Yes, milk would be divine.


Doesn't this look scrumptuous. My hubby would go crazy over this dish. Anything peanut butter, he loves.


I want to do so many things to/with that Reeses cake and only some of them are legal. Dayum that looks amazing. I'd even be happy just picking off the icing and topping, right up until I go into a sugar coma.

Livin Local

Oh. My. Goodness.

Heather Raye

Made this for Husband's birthday - it was delish and a big hit!!

Mrs. L

Cassaendra - That's why you buy several bags of the mini cups, so you have a bag to eat all on your own.

Heather - I'm so glad you made it and it worked!


I tried to make this yesterday & it fell apart when I took them out of the pans. It seemed really crumbly. Do you know what I did wrong? And suggestions?
It tasted great, though!
Oh, and do you think I could get away with using chocolate chips for the frosting?

Mrs. L

Michelle - The only thing I can think of for a cake crumbling is that you may be baking your cake too long or at too high a temperature. I know my oven runs hot so I bake things at 25 degrees lower than called for in recipes. Oh, I can see using the crumbly cake though with some ice cream for dessert! I think chocolate chips would work fine.


Thank you for your input! I tried again today And it was wonderful!:)

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OOOHHHH, Yuuuummmmmmmmm. This looks amazing!

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