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June 10, 2010



k i love crumbly stuff, but there's just waaaaaaay to much spinach going on here :p Could I just quadruple the bacon instead??


This looks really good. I am going to give it a try.


Bacon and spinach? Yes please!

Livin Local

Glad you didn't get all weird on us and cut that bacon in half, tool. Never heard of this before, but looks like something the family would welcome. :-)


that sounds decadent and delicious!


i don't really like cooked spinach--it feels like a massive wad of hair in my mouth, which isn't what i'd call pleasant. that said, i think i'd actually like this--bacond and butter cure many ills. :)


Wow, that sounds and looks delicious!! I have a lot of spinach at home that I use for everything. Looks like I'll be checking this out soon. Thanks! :)

Carolyn Jung

I sometimes feel like Popeye because I love spinach so much, especially the simplest way -- just sauteed with good olive oil, chopped garlic, black pepper and sea salt.

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