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June 15, 2010



The best thing about this excellent post is that little bit of sauce soaking into the bread. Oh my freaking yum! I LOVE pepper sandwiches.

Chef Barbie



Maybe that's what we'll do with the leftover smoked sausages, chorizo, and red peppers we have.


Wow, I see this over rice! Am I getting any? It would be one way to get my veggies!


I love messy sandwiches, so this is my kind of sandwich! Looks delish!


oh do I wish I had one right now! Sounds so good... and your photo is making me drool


Mmmmm this looks like such a great late lunch!

Livin Local

A drippy sandwich is a good sandwich ... and hey, all of these components were made to be together. Yum!

dining tables

I love the photo. It really looks that messy but hey, I like it that way!

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