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June 09, 2010



Snicker snicker.

Love this, so simple yet good. I might hit just a dusting of cayenne in mine.

Carolyn Jung

Oooh, the sesame oil in the mayo is an inspired touch. As a kid, my family did something similar. Only it was cold artichokes we dunked into the creamy mayo. A classic treat.

Livin Local

Funny how one person's classic is another's new discovery. I've never heard of this before, but with all of the ingredients in my fridge at this moment, you just provided the side dish for tonight's dinner. I'll, uh, work hard to avoid limp stalks. ;-)


I have a Canada Day party to go to that this would be awesome to bring. If I can't find any asparagus (it is still in the stores right now) would you recommend another veggie to use with the mayo?

Mrs. L

Chris - I actually like the idea of putting a little spice in the mayo.

Carolyn - I think we did artichokes too with this, I'd forgotten.

Livin Local - You'll have to let me know how you liked it.

Jan - Other than artichokes, not sure what might work. Asparagus has such an interesting taste.


What a great idea. When we eat asparagus as a side, I usually mix a little soy sauce with mayonnaise, just enough to flavor, or use Kewpie mayonnaise. My husband will laugh when he hears about mixing in sesame oil because this is right up our alley. :D

חדרי מלח

It’s Yummy!! It tastes awesome, I really wonder that such a delicious dish can be prepared with simple ingredients, that too in a short while,

Dear friends, try this “Cold Asparagus with Sesame Mayonnaise” at your place also, you will definitely thank the writers Grandmother for guiding you, and also for me for forcing you to prepare it…

חדרי מלח

Wow looks yami. very simple and good taste. I will try to make it myself.

אייל חנקין

This is very very very good recipe for Cold Asparagus With Sesame Mayonnaise. i like it

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