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May 22, 2010



I saw this cookbook recently and you've convinced me to purchase it. I love Trader Joe's and need the inspiration as to what to do with the product they sell.

Livin Local

I looked at a similar Trader Joes cookbook as a possible gift for a friend. My reaction was the same as yours though ... she naturally figures out 90% of those recipes while wandering the aisles herself. On the other hand, that's just one reason I love TJ's. It doesn't take much thought to figure out what to do with those simmer sauces!


I got Fresh Market's cookbook (similar idea) but theirs does utilize many products that I can only find at FM, such as fig infused vinegar.

It's one of my favorite cookbooks in the past few years but it costs me too much $$ because I spend WAY too much and more than planned anytime I step foot in that place. They should have just given me the book for free, lol.

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