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May 23, 2010



That looks sooo good. What is gyoza?

Livin Local

Perfect for a blustery day like today. As with you, never would have thought of using pot stickers in soup, but it sure makes sense.


Honestly, I've got to get this book. I love Asian dumpling soup. Off to Amazon now to order it.



Gyoza is the Japanese version of pot stickers.

Mrs. L

Mom - Gyoza is the Japanese version of a potsticker (though I'm bad and tend to call all dumplings like that potstickers).

Livin Local - Nor would I have thought to use pre-packaged stir fry veggies with it.

Jeanette - I hope you like it!

Makfan - You should make this. I think you'd like it.

Carolyn Jung

It's like instant won ton soup. I do this with frozen dumplings, too. Does make for one tasty, quick weeknight meal, especially on a wet, cold night like this.


Asian dumplings are great and so is soup the the two should go great together! But I get your point about how it looks when it falls apart.

kitchen table

This is so Asian! I suddenly missed my granny who loves Asian food and flavor so much.


What a wonderfully quick and luscious looking meal. You are quite creative. I'll wager this is delicious. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary


goyza is a new ingredient for me--i'm clearly not very familiar with asian cuisine. to further prove this, i'll admit that i was stunned to see an egg as an ingredient, but i suppose that's nothing atypical. really interesting dish!

Mrs. L

Carolyn - I can see making it even easier by just putting them in some nice vegetable broth.

Chris - At least when they fall apart it still tastes good.

Kitchen Table - There are many foods that make me think of my Granny too.

Mary - I'm not the creative one, the cookbook was :)

Grace - Oh man, I can't go to a Japanese restaurant without ordering Goyza. It's kind of a "deal breaker" for me. If the goyza sucks, the restaurant usually does too.

Surrey Private Detective

Just made the other day for Chinese New Year! So good, everyone loved the broth especially! Very quick and easy to make. Definitely a tradition maker here!

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