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March 12, 2010



I read the article about the chili woman this morning and the premeditation in which she did this is incredible. Actually winning the fingertip on a bet and cooking it? She didn't do this on a whim and deserved every moment of time that she spent behind bars.

Livin Local

I thought that her husband (ex-husband perhaps) had purchased it from a coworker. Actually, the coworker owed him some money and he simply forgave the debt for the severed finger. All around strange to be sure.

Mrs. L

Chris - Totally agree. We actually went back to that Chilis the week after this all went down years ago, just to support them. We didn't believe that it was something they had done, we always thought it was a bogus claim. I think she should have stayed in jail.

Livin Local - Definitely strange, I can't imagine even thinking about doing it in the first place.

Michael Mathews

That finger in the chili was weird, but I still eat at wendy's now and then. I like their fries. :-)

Your mention of Pillownaut made me realize that the feed was not updating in my RSS reader. Voila. A bunch of new posts to read this week.

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