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March 03, 2010



This should work with skinless chicken breasts. You know me I do not like chicken wings.

Amy Lutz

I think that the name of this site pretty much sums up my life. I have 2 boys and a husband with the total NHL hockey package. I have three loves-love Sydney Crosby, love scrapbooking our kids playing hockey and I love to cook. (You should have seen the spread we had for the Olympic Gold Hockey game!!!) Can't wait to see what you have posted!

hungry dog

These sound good to me. I like the marmalade idea, probably makes them nice and sweet and sticky.


Here via Duo Dishes blog and I'm glad I checked out your blog. These wings sound interesting enough to give them a shot. I'm going to do mine "fire roasted" since they always taste better that way to me. Have a fun weekend!

Mrs. L

Mom - Alas Mr. L and I are a huge fan of chicken wings so more often than not you'll find us making dishes that require it. But I think I can use some sauce stuff on regular chicken breasts for you next time.

Amy - Welcome!

Hungry Dog - You're right, they were sweet, sticky and good.

Chris - I love your blog and can totally see you fire roasting these!

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