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March 30, 2010



My "to try" list is disturbingly long, so I understand your relief, ha ha.

Your shrimp pasta looks very filling. Like you'd need a nap after that and a glass of wine:)

Mrs. L

Chris - My "to try" list is now in an excel spreadsheet divided. Actually there is a spreadsheet for "up to 2010" and for "2010 and up"...yeah, way to long...so many recipes, not enough time!

tiffany @ the garden apartment

There is nothing much better than angel hair pasta, shrimp, and a simple sauce with a lot of garlic. This recipe sounds wonderful-- great photo too!


The shrimp looks good Mrs. L but I would rather have it with rice.


Ooo, yum. And with all of the frozen shrimp on the market, even that has become a pantry food.

Mrs. L

Tiffany - I forget about Angel Hair pasta, it's usually spaghetti that I have on hand. I really like Angel Hair so I need to cook with it more.

Mom - The sauce would be just as amazing over rice!

Louise - We normally have several bags of both raw and cooked shrimp in our freezer for emergencies, it really is a staple for us.

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Uff this is a delicious dish, thanks for posting the recipe, that is going to be my lunch for tomorrow.

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It's a good recipe! I think you've been posting the best knowing about it. By the way, the best of all this is the shrimp as a special ingredient and we also can talk about the pasta issue, as you probably know, some varieties include puttanesca, pasta alla norma (tomatoes, eggplant and fresh or baked cheese). 2j3j

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The shrimp looks good Mrs. L but I would rather have it with rice.

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