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March 09, 2010


Mr. L

They were awesome!


Thank you for bringing me one to eat. Mr. L is right. They were awesome. Sooo good. What a brilliant idea for Oscar night. Have not seen the movie "UP" but hope to. Great idea Mrs. L! I would love to have more to eat.

noble pig

Seriously adorable, I might do this for my son's birthday.


What a great idea. Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I'm going to make these for a class I teach on Sundays. I really like your blog and will be back often.


Thanks for stopping by my blog. I just noticed you also live in San Jose as well. Looking forward to reading more of your posts!


Cool idea. I wouldn't have the patience.

Carolyn Jung

I wish I could have these attached to the roof of my house! ;)
Hmm, wonder what the neighbors would think.....


Excellent idea! I have a kiddie birthday party coming up and I'd love to serve these. And I love UP, watched it with the family on my birthday.


Very cute idea! Although the pizza was extra funny.


mrs l! these are outstanding! i think up was one of the finest movies from last year and it's certainly worthy of such a tasty and colorful homage. :)

Mrs. L

Mr. L and Mom - Glad you guys enjoyed them.

Noble Pig - Kids seem to get a bit kick out of them. You could just have the white frosting and then write names of kids on them too.

Mary - Let me know how they worked for your class!

Linda - I found you looking for food blogs that came out of San Jose, I know there has to be more than a handful of us.

Makfan - Maybe I can make these for your birthday someday. Cool to do in Shark colors for a game celebration.

Carolyn - You would be eating them before they ever got attached :)

Kai - Again, the kids where I took these seemed to really like the idea, I think these would work great for any occasion that has children.

Chris - Yeah, we really liked the pizza idea and as a last minute idea I think it worked great for the Oscar party.

Grace - I too, really enjoyed the movie and figured out of the ten movies nominated for best picture, it was the one most of the folks I was going to be with had seen (since most had kids).

Betsey Terry

um anytime you want to bring these to a prime time crop, would be great :D

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I loved the movie Up, it made me cry a little bit, the whole plot is amazing, these balloon cake pops looks awesome, great job.


You know, I've heard people say before they don't "get" cake pops. They don't think the extra work is worth the reward. They'd just rather have a cake. But like you said, there's something so wonderful and playful about biting through the hard candy shell to find the moist cake inside. It's a totally different experience!

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