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February 18, 2010



There is a lot of overlap between American and Canadian cuisine, and there are regionalisms as well. For example, Quebec has great maple syrup and cheese, similar to New England. Quebec also has the French influence. British Columbia food reminds me a lot of California cuisine. It has the same ethnic diversity we are used to, lots of seafood and fresh vegetables, plus you see a lot of the fusion styles.

But there are the Canadian things like poutine, beaver tails, etc. I forgot about Nanaimo Bars. Very rich, but delicious. Just a few bits will do.


Yippee! A new cookbook! Look forward to hearing about those lovely dishes.

Mrs. L

Makfan - I've seen recipes for maple cookies that look great and I have a recipe for Nanaiamo bars (not from this cookbook) that I might give a try next weekend.

Louise - Yep, a new cookbook to me is like chocolate to some.


As a Canadian, I have to comment that my fav cookbook is 'Chef on the Run - Simply the Best' by Diane Clement (a fellow Vancouverite). I have all her cookbooks; her Nanaimo Bar recipe is my go-to favourite. Find this paperback gem at ecookbooks.com and enjoy!

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