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January 04, 2010


noble pig

Hmmm, never made one so I have no point of reference!!


You guys sound so funny. I hope Mr. L took some video. How did it taste?


Now I wish I would have made spaghetti for dinner! I've never had a spaghetti tart, but this sounds interesting!

Mrs. L

Noble - Some out there has to have tried this right?

Mom - It tasted fine but I'd rather just have plain noodles...much less trouble to make.

Deborah - I'm actually still craving just a good plate of spaghetti with a nice meat sauce.

Carolyn Jung

I think I may have seen some recipes for something similar that had a beaten egg or two in them. I think that might help bind the ingredients better so that all the nuts and capers don't end up in a pile on the bottom.


I did something similar with similar results. How could it possibly go bad? Pasta is reliable, and pan frying always helps with texture and flavor. But in this dish, sadly I shared your experience.

Mrs. L

Carolyn - Yes, a beaten egg would probably have helped! I'll have to be on the lookout for a Spaghetti Tart recipe that includes that in the ingredients.

Louise - Glad to see I'm not the only one who had troubles with something like this.


I think Giada has a spaghetti pie recipe with eggs and veggies...


Love this idea! Pasta bakes are a great way to use up leftover pasta. I have another one--a carbonara frittata--on my list of the best five easy pasta recipes. Check it out if you like and let me know what you think! As for me, I'll be trying this one out the next time I have leftover spaghetti lying around...


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