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January 12, 2010



1. Sounds fun!
2. Didn't the Christmas frenzy make up for this?
3. Don't know if I've done one in 30 minutes, but remember that when trying ended up with waaaaaaaay more pots and pans to clean than I was willing to keep with Rachel's plans.
4. Hint, it really helps to have an extra set of hands around when removing the chicken from the can.
5. This type of entertaining is becoming a lost art. See, now you're an artist!
6. Could you accomplish this one through a class? That would be fun.
7. I have a friend who is great with rhubarb and can just invite you over. ;-)
9. Consider it an Iron Chef style challenge!
10. Mmmmmmm, buscuits!


I didn't bother this year... does that make me irresolute? Good luck, at least you started off the year with one crossed off!

noble pig

These are totally attainable goals. You will have no problem with them whatsoever.

Mrs. L

Louise - As for the second resolution...the original intent was to make all 100 cookie recipes in that magazine (this was before I started the blog). I think six is a good start!

Foodhoe - hey not doing them is kinda like not even resolving in the first place!

Noble - I like your faith in me!


I like your number 9! I tend to overbuy pantry items and then every once in a while I frantically try to use them up before they expire. It would be like on Splendid Table - the pantry ingredient challenge!

Chef Barbie

hey, you guys had me over for a nice diiner with appetizers, salad, main course and dessert. i'm not a "couple" but that should count toward your goal. :)

Carolyn Jung

You'll love beer-can chicken. First, it's just so funny looking when you put it in the oven or in the covered grill. And second, it comes out so heavenly moist that you're going to want to make it again and again.

Mrs. L

HealthierKitchen - Seriously, every time I buy some new spice or condiment I'm trying to find space for it. And some stuff I have to toss cuz it never gets used. I want to be better this year!

Chef Barbie - Having you over is what really made me want to do it up a bit more. I'll have you over again to test out the meal :)

Carolyn - It's such a simple thing and it might be funny to include but I've been wanting to make it for years.


Great resolutions! I didn't make any food related ones this year, but there are quite a few on your list that I'd like to do!

Rick Huber

Ok, did not make any resolutions this year. But see my answers to your 10.

1 Phylo: Very Easy. Make yourself some spanikopitas. Frozen spinch, ricotta, butter & Phylo.

2 martha'a cookies: 6 batches of cookies in a year. Come on! I have to make 10 dozen for the cookie exchange. Thei year I won most original from the judges and best overall from the attendies for my mom's Almond Lace Wafers. Let me know what you like best as i need arecipe for next year.

3 30 Minute Meal. Yeah, they don't always happen in 30 minutes.

4 Beer can Chicken. Did Adam Gertlers form Next Food Network Chef a couple years back. The only difficulty is they fall over. You can get stands to help but I use Big Bob Gibson's Loaf Pan Chicken that I got out of the 5/09 Chile Pepper Mag. Same principal to keep the bird moist but easier.

5 Formal Meal: This is easy if you plan well and design a meal that parts can be done ahead. Your pot roast is better the secone day and they done have to know.

6 decorate a Cake: I think that you get full points for this. I have't baked a cake in ?????

7: Cook with Rubarb: You got me on this one.

8: Cook for presents: Ok, now I'm upset. I did not see any of these items in my stocking. I pickle all year long for gifts and to sell.

9: Better use of left overs: Well most leftovers go to work with the spousal unit for lunches. But we have been very good lately. Lots of crock pot and pressuer cooker meals that lend themselves to great leftovers. As for those mystery ingredients in the back corner of the fridge, I have started to try to clear those that have grown leggs. My pantry is so full of exotic sauces, spreads, pickles that it will be decades before I can go through all of them. And I keep buying.....

10: Biscuits: Can't help here. The spousal unit if from Georgia so that is her domaine.

For you new resolution, to come to Florida and cook for me.

Rick, Zaphod Kitchens

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