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January 07, 2010


noble pig

Yeah you did the grapes and I love this soup!


That soup looks so good. Am I going to get a taste. And I guess I am getting out of touch. What is with the grapes? I did not make my clam chowder this year.


your new years celebration sounds splendid, I love it! I was talking to someone from the south, who advised me to eat black eyed peas and turnip greens on new years. Well, I wasn't able to incorporate those good luck foods into my feast this year, but maybe next year. That soup looks great.

Carolyn Jung

A big ol' ham bone makes the best soup, doesn't it? Just adds such glorious flavor. I throw mine into my pot of homemade rice porridge very winter following Christmas dinner. Yum!

 Anxiety And Depression

I love soups...especially for breakfast.. I love to eat soups..

Mrs. L

Noble - Grapes is a new tradition for us but we have fun with it.

Mom - We kinda ate all the soup. It fed us through the holiday weekend! Grapes is a Spanish tradition to bring good luck in the new year. Maybe we'll have to make some clam chowder soon.

Foodhoe - I'm not southern but I've been following the black eyed peas and greens tradition for years. During the economy, everything helps right?

Carolyn - I'm ashamed to admit, this is on the second year we've used the ham bone in something. Normally we've just thrown it out! Bad, I know.

Anxiety - Soups? For breakfast? May have to try that sometime.

Soup recipes

I love Soup...ur soup is so colorfull....

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