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January 14, 2010



What cut of beef did you use? This looks amazing!

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I think the beef looks so juicy inside and out side,...and looks mouth watering.

noble pig

You know, the cut REALLY makes a difference in tenderness. It looks like it was a great meal.


I made this last week with pork chops & guinness. Yum.

Chef Barbie

dude, this looks delicious!


Beer and beef. Clearly just from that alone it is wonderful. :)


Oooooh this sounds like the perfect thing to have when the rain is pouring down outside...as it will this coming week...so thank you, thank you for the recipe!


Oh yeah, I remember this. It was very good. I bet it would taste good with pork roast.

Mrs. L

Debbie - I just went to the buther and asked for a boneless beef chuck roast so I assume that's what I got (though I wouldn't know the difference)

Noble - I admit, we prefer Lunardis meats over the standard grocery stores. The meats (and chickens) just always seem tastier and tender.

Ann - Yum, guinness would be great in a dish like this.

Chef Barbie - Next time I make this (and you know I will) I'll save you some.

Peabody - I used to give Mr. L crap because he always had some beer in the fridge. Now I'm glad cuz I use it for cooking.

Elle - It also made the house smell wonderful while we were stuck inside and it was cooking. Let me know how it turns out if you make it..

Mom - I'll be sure to bring you some when I make this again.


Yum, this sounds so good! I might have to make it soon!


no doubt the fellers in my life would go crazy for this. it wouldn't pain me too much to eat it, either. :)
by the way, your christian bale comment made me laugh quite boisterously--thanks. :)


Oh, Mrs L, this looks luscious! Lunardi's is always the way to go for meats, and their butchers certainly wouldn't steer you wrong.


I always have the hardest time cooking large cuts of beef. This recipe sounds delicious! I'm hoping to try it out next week!

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The onions looked so nice! It looks like it is caramelized in a very nice way!

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