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December 03, 2009



Too cute! =^..^=


That cat is something else. You are spoiling her. You need to train her.

Carolyn Jung

I like that furry ornament. I wonder if Martha Stewart decorates her tree so fashionably, too?


good luck finding something those little buggers called kittens WON'T get into. i think it's impossible. :)


Awe, this is too cute. Kittens are adorable but yes, full of mischief.


She's adorable. Hopefully next year she won't try to climb the larger tree.
Ah, the concessions we make for our kitties!

Bellini Valli

Tiggher is hilarious. Such a personality.

NotSoccer Mom

oh this is too funny. good luck!

Chef Barbie

BTW, i love that tiggher signed...er... chewed my christmas card too! :)

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