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December 02, 2009



That "Kyle McLaren" pic is hilarious!!


Excellent! A Sharks bedspread and pillow set... that's pretty hardcore! And it's stupid how much I want that door-knocker. WTF is up with that not-a-Mclaren-photo?? LOL... but seriously, I think if I was in the market for a DOORMAT, I'd want one with the Anaheim Ducks logo. Just so I could really enjoy wiping my feet on it :D


So which is your favorite of the lot? What can't you live without? There is so much I want for my Shark collection. I have no place to put anything but I still want them. Oh well!

Mrs. L

Miranda - Yeah, at least they picked an appropriate "substitute"! LOL

Arch - It's stupid how much I'd probably get everything if I could :) And I like the idea of wiping your feet on the Ducks!

Mom - I can live without all of it at this point since I have no place to put anything. But once I get that Sharks room.....

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I can remember road trips to watch the Sharks play in Canada and being amazed at all the different kind of products that carried the Edmonton Oilers logo or had Calgary Flames plastered all over it. I,ahem, still have boxes of Kraft Mac and Cheese or Jello Pudding with Sharks players on the packaging because, well, you know you'll never find that kind of stuff here.

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