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December 28, 2009



Did I get one of these? I should have had you tell me which was which. They were all good. Thank you.


These look fantastic! Chocolate upon chocolate is a winner, and this is a nice spin on that theme. And the photograph itself looks so professional!


Happy New Year, Mrs. L.

Your Tiggher is so cute! At least your tree is upright. Our cats always managed to bring the tree crashing down.

Carolyn Jung

Sorry that Mr. L didn't go wild for them. But glad that you did enjoy them! ;)

Do you have tile countertops, Mrs. L? If so, you don't necessarily need a fancy marble board to roll your dough on. Just get a large plastic cutting board. I used to use something similar when I still lived in an apartment that didn't have a lot of counter space. I'd put the big board on my kitchen table, and just roll the dough out there. Sure did the trick!

And I for one think your cocoa nib cookies came out beautiful. Kudos to you!

Mrs. L

Mom - Yes you did. It was the only little chocolate shortbread.

Louise - The photo was taken on a nice big white place with some natural light coming through the kitchen window. There is about an hour every day that has perfect lighting for food photos. Alas, during the winter, I'm usually never home at that time.

Christine - Trust me, if there wasn't 75 pounds of stuff holding that tree down, it would be on the floor!

Carolyn - No tile countertops. And no large plastic boards either. I used to have a glass kitchen table that was perfect to roll stuff out on. Thanks so much for the recipe. I'm looking forward to making the other cocoa nib cookies.

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