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November 26, 2009


noble pig

I hope you had a wonderful day.

Mrs. L

Noble Pig- I hope you had a great holiday! Looking forward to your posts during this holiday season.


I am grateful someone thought of the food/wine/hockey combo in one blog. And for the kind words about 87in107. I already see a few tasty nibbles that will go well with the 2010 Winter Classic. In the meantime, perhaps you could advise me on what food/wine goes with the Pittsburgh vs. New York Rangers game tonight? Cheers!

Mrs. L

Samantha - Hmmm...maybe some Bure Family wines? But I definitely think red wine goes with hockey (maybe even a good port!)

Carolyn Jung

This year has flown by crazy fast, hasn't it? Mrs. L, I'm grateful for all the things you mentioned, plus the fact that you and I found each other through the blogging world. Thanks for sharing all your delicious musings. Look forward to more in the new year.


four major food groups: bacon, butter, salt and cheese, LMAO!! And I'm grateful for how you helped me get through cooking my first Thanksgiving turkey with all your great tips! :)

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