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September 24, 2009


Chef Barbie

i thought you were dining with michael mina tomorrow???

Mrs. L

Chef Barbie - It was either a cocktail party hosted by Michael Minas RN74 or dinner up at St. Suprey winery with Rocco. I was really torn actually. But a put by Mr. L....he can always take me up to dinner at RN74. He probably won't ever get me dinner with a male celebrity chef :)


I went to the Old Wagon a few weeks ago with some girlfriends... they were showing music videos outside on the wall, the owners dog wanders around and is awesome, and the BLT was fab-u-lous!


That is happening around here as well. Lots of places closing.


I've disappeared off the radar too recently... don't feel guilty.

Sucks about all those restaurants closing, but I bet that tequila bar will be awesome!

Louise at Livin Local

Best sentence you've ever written, "And if I don't post anything this coming weekend, it's because Rocco DiSpirito is cooking me dinner tomorrow night." Amazing. Can't wait to hear about the evening!


Has this recipe come across your bacon radar


How was Rocco's dinner?


If I am ever in San Jose, now I know places to go to.

Lori @ RecipeGirl

I lived in San Jose when I was little, so it all looks completely foreign to me now! The only things I remember are the Old Spag Fac and the SJ Children's Theatre. Nice meeting you at BlogHer?

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