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August 04, 2009


Louise at Livin Local

That is just crazy beautiful! You're one brave woman to take even one step after reading that ominous sign.

Mrs. L

Louise - My legs are still sore three days later!

NotSoccer Mom

what a beautiful view! and good for you on the hike. you did miss free taco tuesday at jitb but i just found out they're doing it again next week!

Mrs. L

NotSoccer Mom - We were back in time to get our tacos on Tuesday! And yes, we are going again next week. Of course we usually order onion rings and maybe a few extra tacos so we are doing our part in keeping Jack in business!


Wowzers! If that building is any where near a normal size, it means it is a "normal" size lighthouse instead of the small one it looks from this angle and OMG it is a long freakin ways a way! No wonder you are sore! Envy you the disconnect and just days of nothing but reading and relaxing. Love it!

Mrs. L

Kathie - It's not a large lighthouse...the top is the normal size but it's not as tall as most. But it's still a long way down those stairs!

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