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July 28, 2009


Carolyn Jung

The "Godiva's of the Middle East''??! I love it! I'd be game to try camel's milk milk chocolate. I wonder if the bars have humps. ;)

noble pig

My youngest is a milk chocolate eater but I am all about the dark! It's bitter like me...just kidding.


Mmm well now I'm craving milk chocolate with almonds.

Have you tried dulce de leche made with goat milk? I can't use it. It really, really tastes like goat.

Louise at Livin Local

Altho I haven't met a chocolate I didn't like, A classic Hershey bar seems the most appropriate today.

Mrs. L


Noble Pig - You are NOT bitter! But yeah, my favorite it dark too.

Emily - I had dulce de leche many years ago in Mexico that I have no idea what it was made of, but I don't remember it tasting like goat (of course I would have no idea what ghost tastes like).

Louise - I'm hoping every day is a chocolate day.

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i love chocalates also..especially hershery's chocolate..

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