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July 02, 2009



New York requires calorie counts on the menu, and I really think it is a great idea.

It makes me stop and think about what I am ordering. While I may still order something that has a lot of calories because I really love it, I can adjust the other things I eat to make up for it. I can also skip things that I just sort of like because they add 300 or more calories.


well i guess baconnaise is better than that bacon vodka stuff at least!! i for one cannot wait until all restauranst are required to give the calorie counts in their food. maybe they will scale back and start serving actual reasonable portions again, as opposed to the heaping chow mounds! we have a few restaurants here that do it by choice. but i think a few will go out of business when they have to put their sausage with biscuits & gravy counts up for all to see, LOL...

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